Epoxy Flooring

Features of Epoxy Flooring Singapore


The finishes are long lasting and can be cleaned and scrubbed repeatedly without damage to the finish. A unique non-yellowing property of the finishing top-coat used will ensure the system keeps its good looks.

Suitable Substrates

Can be applied to most floor and wall surfaces, bench-tops, timber, asbestos, gypsums, counter-top areas for decorative, Iong-life, easy-to-maintain surfacing in homes, commercial and industrial premises. Given a level surface, all which is required is that it is smooth, firm, clean, oil and dust-free. Irregular and undulating surfaces can be leveled using standard methods.​

Anti Slip Flooring

​In additional to the inherent safety properties of the finishing top-coat used, the slightly textured surface of flake provides safe, non-skid floors. It is essentially composed of highly resilient material; it is comfortable to walk on. These same properties ensure a low noise level for both floor and wall surfaces.

Unlimited Colour Combinations

The colour combination is only limited by your creative imagination. The finishes give bold and elegant perception of natural stone at a lower cost. From bathrooms to kitchens, to walls and floors, to furniture, conference tables and dividers, to signages and work-tops, it opens a new world of design ideas that can give you the look at an affordable price. The astonishing effects created by incorporating Glitters, Glow or Metallic Chips will give the look that is beyond imaginations.

Colour Stability

The colour of decorative flakes used will not fade of change. The adds-on Glow, Glitters and Mica Metallic range of chips used are non-tarnishable. Our Glow Coating Systems Typically glows for more than 10 hours.


There are no seams, cracks or crevices in Mistreecoating‘s Epoxy Flooring Singapore Systems finishes to harbour dirts, bacteria or fungus making it the easiest surface to clean. If required, the system can be covered up the wall to eliminate wall/floor. As finishes are completely continuous, there is no shrinkage scuffing or opening of joints as can happen with strip-wall coverings.

Epoxy Flooring Singapore

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